chiappa rhino for sale

The Chiappa Rhino looks like a weapon straight out of Blade Runner, complete with the old-school reliability of a revolver but the aesthetics of a modern semi-auto pistol. This weapon is reliable and has minimal recoil, comes in at an overall length of 9.5 inches, and only weighs just under two pounds lighter than any comparatively-sized revolvers on the market.

This is because the majority of the Chiappa Rhino is made of aluminum, with the barrel, cylinder, and part of the frame being steel. The weight is startling when you first pick the gun up because it has a wooden stock that slides into a small protrusion on the gun’s frame, removable using a hex wrench for cleaning or maintenance.

As with all revolvers, the Chiappa Rhino can hold six rounds within its cylinder. In an era of semi-auto, magazine-fed firearms, this can be a major factor here as it will delay you due to reloading time. While moon clips or speedloaders can significantly improve this, such a delay still has the potential to be fatal if you can’t reload in enough time.

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